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Donna Salon & Spa
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Donna Salon & Spa

Desiging a website to create an online presence for potential customers to learn about the products and services available

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Donna Salon & Spa is a privately owned company that recently launched new initiatives to further expand their customer base. They needed a new online portal for providing information about the store, its products, and services to potential customers that matched with the new branding of the firm. My colleague and mentor Roberta, and I took up the project as a stretch assignment and designed a website for the business using the UX design process.


  • Roberta Anissio

  • Sheliza Jivani

Skills Developed

  • Survey and interview techniques

  • Research analysis techniques

  • Design techniques


  • Pen and Paper

  • Whiteboard

  • Powerpoint

  • Figma

My Role 

  • Conducting research and analysis

  • Ideation and creating the final interactive prototype in Figma

Vision Canvas

VISION : To create an online website to improve the overall business and increase sales

  • Website

  •  Social Media

  •  Sales Person

  •  API

  •  Google Analytics

  •  Email Marketing

Cost factors.png




Business Goals



Cost Factors


  •  Men and Woman ages 10 to 65 

  • Hispanic background

  • Information portal about the company and its products 

  • Improves the experience of contacting the company

  • Faster way to but products

  • Offers new ways to integrate channels with social media

  • Salon professional products for sale 

  • Salon and spa services

  • Reviews, cart, billing and shipping

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Increase number of appointments 

  • Increase sale of products through online orders

  • Improve way  of offering services

  • Other salons & spas

  • STRENGTHS: Online presence for many years

  • WEAKNESSES: Google reviews are pretty low in comparison to Donna's outstanding reviews

  • This product can bring us a 30% return on investment

  • External developers, marketers, sales person

  • People are the most expensive resource

  • The money to invest will be from income savings and no loan will be necessary



  • Interviews

  • Surveys


  • Personas

  • Design Implications

  • Informed Brainstorming

  • Design Directions


  • Sketching

  • Feedback Sessions

  • High-fidelity Prototype


  • Usability Testing

My Contributions

UX Research: Conducted semi-structured interviews with individuals living in neighboring communities, created and distributed surveys, identified pain-points  created user personas, conducted feedback sessions on wireframes, conducted usability testing sessions on our initial and final prototype.

UX Design: Created a list of design implications from our findings, created the final prototype of our solution in Figma.


Survey: To being the research process, I created an online survey and sent it out to 40 individuals that represented the business's target market. The main goal was to identify the pain-points of the current site and also to get feedback on what people would find most beneficial on a new website

User Interviews: Additionally, to get a deeper understanding on the pain points and improvement opportunities, I conducted interviews with 11 individuals living in the neighboring communities of the business to get an idea of what people's preferences and thoughts are for better user experience.

User Categories

Based on the research, 6 user categories were identified:

   Category 1: User looking for Product Only

   Category 2: User looking for Services Only

   Category 3: User looking for Spa Only

   Category 4: User looking for Product and Services

   Category 5: User looking for Product and Spa

   Category 6: User looking for Product, Services and Spa

Pain Points Identified

Based on the research, the website User Pain Points were:

  • Design is not attractive to my eyes

  • Home page does not have all the information I need to know about the company services and product

  • In order  to get where I want to be, I must figure out in my own by going to may sub pages

  • Somethings the website does not have what I need

  • Website or app take too much time to load

  • Website or app give me error in some pages

Based on the business processes, I divided the pain points accordingly:

DSS Painpointsss.png
DSS- Pain points 2.png

Identifying the right problems to solve :

Dots voting

Once all the pain points were identified and grouped, the team had to select what areas were high priority and what needed to be focused on. We met with the different stakeholders of the business to conduct this activity including the business owners and their family members, salon staff, and sales persons. We gathered 12 individuals including myself and Roberta and 20 dots were given to each person to vote on the highest priority items. Only the highest group of dots will be taken into consideration.

Dots testing 1.png
Dots voting 2.png
The Process

Identifying Goals:

The dots voting activity helped us identify the most high priority items to consider. Once we analyzed the top items, we converted the pain points into goals.



The next step was to come up with good ideas for the final design. We brainstormed design implications to consider in our designs and some user personas that represented our customer types.

Design Implications

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 1.36.16 PM.png



Design Directions





Usability Tests

Once the design was created, It was important to  determine whether users can successfully complete critical tasks when using the prototype and see if the design of the interface supported the purpose of the redesign. By giving users specific tasks to complete, I was able to evaluate the prototype.

Method Details

  • 6 users from different backgrounds 

  • Conducted usability tests with paper printouts as well as Figma prototype. 


  • ​All participants found the website easy to use and all of them said they would use it to book appointments and share with friends and relatives

  • Transition between the pages was straightforward and followed universal design standards 

  • The user experience was much better and all the information was relevant and clearly stated

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